Reproductive Health Department of Medical Center ADONIS FAMILY was created in March 2014 as the part of new generation clinic with huge quantity of departments and after rebranding of Reproductive Health Clinic Adonis-IVF and dislocation in modern well occupied building.

Reproductive Health Clinic ADONIS FAMILY was created in May 2012 in order to offer the most available and qualitative specialized medical care in the field of human reproduction on the basis of medical center ADONIS which has been working in Kyiv since 1997 and is known for its excellent reputation.

We care about the women’s, men’s and children’s health for over 20 years, providing the conditions for the well-being of many families and are ready to devote all our knowledge, capabilities and experience to implement a common goal – to make the dream of a childbirth really affordable!

We provide complete closed cycle of medical assistance in the reproductive health maintenance:

  • the assessment of male and female infertility;
  • therapeutic and surgical treatment of gynecological diseases;
  • preparation for ART programs including all possible tests and treatment;
  • IVF, ICSI, including the donor’s programs;
  • cryobank of sperm and embryos.
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лечение бесплодия
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  • Provide our patients with comprehensive medical service to maintain and improve their health, while providing personalized psychological support and conscientious attitude of highly qualified team of professionals
  • Achieve positive results in the treatment and the birth of healthy children using the highest standards of care, offering for patients the best in a modern science and technology of ART exists nowadays.
  • Seek to optimize the quality of service in terms of safety, efficiency and cost of treatment programs.


  • creating an atmosphere of benevolence and attention to our patients;
  • respect for the patient, planning the convenient time of visits to the doctor;
  • complex treatment selection and open dialogue between a doctor and a patient;
  • observance of ethical norms, providing to the patient full information about the results of treatment and examination;
  • objective recommendations, honesty and openness;
  • absolute adherence to the principles of confidentiality;
  • accordance with international standards of treatment methods of evidence based medicine

лечение бесплодия

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